Black Smudges or Dots on Printed Papers



Brother printer black smudges on printed pages

This blog is focused on How to fix Brother printer black smudges on printed Pages.  

Dots on your printed pages may be a sign of trouble. They result from the toner sticking to or damaging the surface of the drum unit inside an inkjet printer. When this occurs, dots might appear on your printed pages because the drum cannot rotate cleanly and freely over the page.

Why Brother Printer Black Smudges on Printed Paper?

Before we get into the solution, let's first understand the most common reasons why brother printer black marks on the paper. 

The most common reasons for black smudges on printed pages

  • Glue from labels or envelopes
  • paper clips, or staples - the usual culprits behind all those black dots that start appearing on pages.
  • Toner builds up on those black spots and starts to clog the printer's components.

How to fix Brother printer black smudges on printed Pages?

Step 1: If the “Printer Settings” page does not have any brush strokes, dry watercolors, or discolorations, and there are no fingerprints or fuzz on it, it also doesn't appear to be smudged with black ink, continue to the next step.

Step 2: Let's turn on the printer setup feature and see whether the dots are placed at frequent intervals, including 1.5" or 3.7", or if they have been placed automatically.

Step 3: Ensure that no paper, glue, or other materials are inserted inside your printer. Paper or any other type of material might get stuck on the surface in the drum and can cause damage to the drumming resulting in Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On Edge Of Paper on printed documents.

Step 4: On finishing the above steps, now follow the below steps

  1. Brother printers are so simple to use. There's no software setup or maintenance required. All you have to do is remove the outer shell and put it in your paper, then press print!
  2. Remove the toner cartridge from the drum by pressing down on the green lock trigger
  3. when you're trying to start the drum unit of your brother's printer, overcome the gear unit so that it turns in a direction against you.
  4. Carefully look at the surface of the drum until you find a place that is scuffed or has dirt buildup.
  5. Clean the drum's top area via an alcohol-soaked swab, including a wipe or medical pad
  6. Ensure the alcohol has entirely disappeared or drained off the surface.
  7. Finally, remove the drum unit and clean the corona wire by sliding the green tab on top of it to go in a counterclockwise direction, and repeat this until you reach the desired side. While attempting to repair a drum unit, it is vital that you place the green tab at its starting location.

We hope the above steps help you to solve the issue of How to Fix Brother printer black smudges on the paper. If the problem still persists, you can chat with us for more detailed technical support. we will be happy to help and solve the issue, no matter what it takes :)