How to reset an HP Printer?

HP Printers are some of the best in the industry and find their use in a number of areas including homes, schools, offices, etc. Sometimes a problem may arise in the HP Printer where we need to reset the HP printer as a troubleshooting step.

How to reset an HP Printer

So, how to reset an HP printer?

If you are facing issues with your HP printer, then the first thing that you can do is to reset your printer. Resetting your printer will change its settings to default. But you should also be aware that with printer resetting, all the custom settings will be deleted.

How to Reset an HP Printer To Factory Settings?

Here are the steps to reset an HP wireless printer:

  1. On the screen of the printer, go to Setup.
  2. Tap on Tools.
  3. Tap on Restore Defaults.
  4. The printer will restart and all the settings of the printer will restore to default.

How to reset HP printer without screen?

Here is how you can reset the factory default settings on an HP Printer:

  • Switch off the printer. Unplug the power cable from the printer for some time and then reconnect it back.
  • Switch on the printer and then press and hold the Resume button.
  • Release the Resume button and your reset factory default settings.

How to reset HP Laserjet Printer?

Users of the HP Laserjet printer often face technical issues with the printer like printer not printing, wireless connectivity issues, slow printing, etc. The easiest thing that an HP Laserjet printer user can do is to reset HP Laserjet printer. Users can follow the following steps to reset an HP Laserjet printer:

  • Any wireless connectivity issue can be fixed with printer reset in most of the cases.
  • If your printer is printing slow, then reset it to take the printer back to the normal state.
  • Press the power button to turn on the printer.
  • Unplug the power cord while the printer is on and wait for some time.
  • Reconnect the power cord and restart your HP printer.
  • Print a test report to check if the printer is printing properly.


How to do partial reset of HP Printer?

One process which is more effective than restarting the HP Printer is the partial reset of the HP Printer. Here is how you can do the partial reset of your HP Printer:

  • Power on the HP Printer. Disconnect the power cord connections between the printer and the wall outlet when the printer turns on. The printer will soon turn off.
  • While connecting the power cord back to the printer and the socket, press the # and 3 keys.
  • Check if the screen turns black and the printer powers on. The printer will undergo a partial reset.
  • Try to print a document after the reset process is finished.

To solve the tougher problems of wireless connectivity and ink system failure error messages, a semi-full reset process is followed. In this process, the # and 6 keys from the keypad are pressed. The printer will undergo a semi-full reset.

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