Canon printer error e59

Steps to fix Canon Printer Error E59

If you have landed on this page, searching to find a solution of how to fix Canon printer error E59 then half of your job is done. This blog will guide you on how to fix this error (Canon printer error E59) in simple steps. Let's dig in !!

About Canon Printer

Canon is a world-renowned provider of digital imaging technologies, founded in 1937 in Japan. It has sixteen subsidiaries and affiliates manufacturing devices such as cameras, lenses, and printers across Asia (outside of Japan).

Canon printers are extremely popular worldwide, and the main reason for this is customer trust and brand popularity. People prefer Canon printers for both commercial and personal use because they know they can rely on the quality of the product. However, sometimes users find errors while printing, and error E59 is a popular printer error of canon printers.

Why does Canon printer Error E59 occur?

Take a moment and let's first understand different scenarios as to when this error actually occurs.

Canon Printer Error e59 will occur if printing settings and paper settings don't match. This error code indicates that the printer is unable to print because the settings are different or incorrect. To avoid this error, let's go through the next section.


Steps to solve Canon Printer Error E59 

  1. To fix this problem, you'll need to check your printer driver's paper settings and ensure they're correct. You may also need to change the settings for paper size. if the problem still exists, go to the second step
  2. If you need to copy a document, make sure that the paper settings on your printer match the paper type and size that you're using.
  3. Also, be sure to review the paper settings to ensure that the information and details for the paper cassette are correct.
  4. If the information on the cassette doesn't match up with the size or type of paper you have, be sure to check and see if the media type is set correctly.
  5. After you have checked everything and changed the settings accordingly, run a print test to see if the issue is resolved.

By designating the paper size of the paper loaded on the rear tray, you can prevent your printer from misprinting. The error e59 only displays on the printer's display when the paper size of the loaded paper differs from the print settings. Thus, the error e59, will be solved.


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