Steps to Reset Password for HP Wireless Printer

Laptops and desktop computers are vulnerable to hacking by miscreants. Cybercriminals often try to find a way to steal user data by hacking their devices. Not only laptops and desktops computers, but printers are also often attacked by hackers. To protect your wireless printer from hacking, it is better to reset the password of the printer after some time says a week or ten days. In this blog, we are going to explain how to reset HP wireless printer password.

How to reset HP wireless printer password

Resetting HP wireless printer password and Factory settings is not a difficult task. Although HP is one of the best printer brands, users of HP printers often face technical errors and bugs. Our team of experts at Techsolutionforall can help you resolve any technical issue with the printers, computers, and laptops.

How do I find my password for my HP wireless printer?

Before changing the password of the HP wireless printer, the users of this printer should know the current password of the printer. If the users are not able to get the wifi password, they can follow the below-mentioned steps:

·         If you want your printer to print wirelessly, then it should be connected to a wireless network. In order to connect to a wireless network, a password is required also known as a wifi security key or WEP key.

·         The WiFi password is generally provided by ISP (Internet Service Provider) at the time of getting an Internet connection. You can look at the bottom of the router to find the password of the WiFi network.

·         If you happen to forget your WiFi password, then no need to panic. You can follow the below-mentioned steps How To Reset HP Wireless Printer Password.

·         The steps for How To Reset HP Printer depend upon the type of printer you are using.

·         The steps to reset the HP Deskjet printer password will be different from that of resetting the HP smart printer password.


Steps to reset HP wireless printer password

·         On the printer, go to the Home menu.

·         Click on the Right Arrow and then select the Setup menu.

·         Choose Network.

·         After choosing the network, click on the Restore Network Defaults.

·         Click Yes.

·         Wait for the default settings to be restored.

·         Now go to the control panel of your computer.

·         Click on Devices and Printers.

·         Right-click on the wireless HP printer icon.

·         Click on Properties.

·         Click on the Password icon.

·         Enter your new password.

·         Save the changes that were made.