How to connect Brother printer to wifi?

1. Tap Settings on the printer's control panel. 2. Select the network using the up and down arrow keys. 3. Now select WLAN and go to the setup wizard. 4. Select your home WIFI name and enter the password. 5. Once connected it will print a network configuration page.

HP Printer Error E3

E3 Error code on HP printer is displayed if there is a carriage jam or a paper jam on the printer. You can resolve this error code by checking the carriage. First of all, open the cartridge access door, take out the ink cartridges from your printer and try to move the carriage back and forth. This step should resolve the issue otherwise look for any kind of paper jam in the printer.

HP Printer Scanning Issue

HP is one of the biggest printers brand out in the market. Yet HP printers can still have their occasional scanning hiccups. One of the major reasons which might be the reason can be printer software. So we can try uninstalling and re-installing the printer drivers from the computer. Make sure you download the latest drivers for your printer from HP's official website. Another reason for the scanning issue may be due to wireless configuration on the printer. For resolving the wireless configuration issue, we can restore network settings to default and connect again to the wireless network.